First steps toward repair

As I began poking around looking for pointers on how to even start repairing my Marshall, I found a plethora of web sites that have already proved useful. They are in the very least interesting from my beginner’s perspective:

  • The AX84 Project – They have a forum (or as they refer to to it as a BBS…how quaint!) full of fascinating discussions on pretty much any topic. The level of quality here is wonderful. Very high-signal to noise ratio. Secondly there are tried and tested designs for low powered 9well, and high powered) tube amps. I will be buying one of these kits soon, but I must be disciplined and repair by Marshall first. I know that this experience will inform the next.
  • Tom Mitchell’s Book – I bought this the other day, and have already devoured it. Not that I claim to understand it all, not even slightly, but there are nuggets of genius scattered throughout the chapters.
  • EHN’s AX84 page – Great coverage of what can be done using the AX84 project’s designs as a springboard. There are some great photos to go along with the sound samples.

So, the last few days I have been reading the Mitchell book in preparation for the 2204 repair. Also, to that end:

  • Ordered a digital multimeter. I went for the B&K 2703C, based on Mitchell’s recommendation.
  • Went to Radio Shack and bought 60/40 solder, some heat-shrink, some alligator clips and some 18 gauge hook-up wire. With this I will build a simple tool for draining the power supply capacitors.

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