New distortion pedal project, based on Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive

A few months ago I built a clone of a TS-808 Tubescreamer (based on a PCB and build instructions from DIY Effects) and that proved to be successful.

I recorded a sample of what it sounds like: Steinberger into P1 Extreme, with OD pedal

Now that pedal was built with the standard clipping circuit i.e. two diodes. Some would say this is dull, and indeed the DIY Effects build instructions contain other recommendations. These range from using three diodes instead of two, for a kind of asymmetric clipping, to using MOSFET devices.

So to try these out I bought a pre-populated board from DIY Effects.; one that had been wired up in the style of a Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive. I had no idea what this pedal actually sounded like but a quick trip on YouTube told me what I needed to know.

The clipping arrangement has been deliberately left up to me to configure. I plan to use a switch to allow for the different clipping methods. I think I’l do the following:

  • Two diodes: for the traditional TS-808 style.
  • Three LEDs: asymmetric clipping.
  • Two MOSFETs: I have no idea what it sounds like, but its worth a try.

SLW from DIY Effects sent me great instructions on how to do this, and recently posted about it. He uses a DPDT, but I might need 3 positions to do this. I’ll see if Radio Shack has some in stock. A nice cheap project if I can retrofit this into my existing grey enclosure.

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