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Guitar Fetish “Gold Foil P90 Humbuckers” – in a Les Paul

My Gold top

My Gold top

I’ve owned my Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (made somewhere between ’75 and ’77) since about 1991. It came with P90 pickups, which sound glorious. They’re definitely thinner than your regular humbuckers, but thicker than Fender single-coils. I don’t like mushy tones, so this combination is great for me. The only trouble is, they are really noisy. This is exacerbated by the modern world, which is full of computers (and phones) and Compact Fluorescent bulbs, which all put out a lot of RF interference.

One possible solution was to fit normal humbuckers to my LP, but that would require destructive routing. I chose to go for some P90 sized humbuckers instead…..some of these from Guitar Fetish. They’re the right size, and they’re humbuckers!

Fitting them was relatively easy, just a 20 minute job. The only problem that presented was that the new covers didn’t want to fit inside the old routes, so I tried the old covers and they fit over the new pickups perfectly. So now I have retained the look of the originals.

Some observations:

  • These are very quiet P90-like pickups
  • The P90 style pole pieces are just for show. These humbuckers have blades inside the coils.
  • As you can see from the photos, the gold foil isn’t visible due to my use of the old covers.
  • The neck pickup is very loud, whereas the bridge pickup isn’t so much. Time will tell as to whether this is an issue.
  • I’ve yet to compare them to my Telecaster, but is suspect these gold foils are louder.
  • I need to replace the potentiometers as they’re quite corroded. Time to get some CTS pots, or perhaps splash for an Emerson set.
Original P90 neck pickup

Original P90 neck pickup

Original P90 neck pickup and new Gold Foil

Original P90 neck pickup and new Gold Foil

Gold foil cover doesn't fit, so here's the old cover on the new pickup

Gold foil cover doesn’t fit, so here’s the old cover on the new pickup

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